SayWhoa!  (formerly Stops Colic)
For Horses in Distress--
your first line of defense.
"We always have "Say Whoa" in our barn and trailers."
SayWhoa! to Fecal Impaction, Gas, Light
Sand & Spasmodic Episodes
  • Safe for Horses Any size or weight. Mares lactating or in
    foal Performance Horses – Test Drug Free
  • Just Squeeze in Mouth Eliminate Waiting For Help. Oral
    Dosing Syringe Included Just administer in their mouth –
    Horse just swallows
  • Promotes Digestive Sounds to Return in minutes
  • Eliminate Nasal Tubing
  • Temperature: Store at between -4 and 115 F
    temperature. Keeps in liquid solution down to -4
    degrees.  If freezes just thaw out and use will not affect
    the product. Keep  out of the reach of children.
  • 3 Year Shelf Life
Say Whoa cannot help with a twist, displaced bowel, torsion,
rupture, infection or bowels with tumors, gravel, foreign objects
& heavy sand.  Within 30 minutes of giving product and no
bowel sounds heard bilaterally and horse does not appear to
be recovering, its advised to Call Vet.